About Home Sweet Jerome

NEW NEWS: Publisher Bankruptcy

Big Earth Publshing-Johnson Books declared bankruptcy in September 2016. Jerome Headlands Press (Diane Rapaport’s company) was able to buy back approximately 400 copies of inventory from the warehouse. The inventory will be made avaiable to previous retailers and wholesalers first; and to fans who would like authographed copies of the book.

A new publisher will be sought, once the rights have reverted (hopefully by end 2016).

Jerome AZ: Too Stubborn to Die

Home Sweet Jerome: Death and Rebirth of Arizona’s Richest Copper Mining City is the first modern history of Jerome. It’s the history of how the town came back to life after mining abandoned it in 1953. It’s the story of how uncommon people—hippies, old timers, businesspeople, outlaws, artists—overcame antipathy for each other to create a new future from the shards of the past. It’s a book about how art and marijuana helped create a new community and rescue the town economically.

“If you want to know about one of the quirkiest and strangest and most fascinating places in this country, you’ve got a great treat in store for you. Diane’s in-depth work on this over so many years is priceless. She captures, not just the history of the town, but, also an understanding of the human condition when confronted with the weirdness that is Jerome… Makes you want to go there and soak up the vibes—Bob Swanson, photographer

Book Cover of Diane Sward Rapaport's history of Jerome AZ after 1953.

Cover of Diane Sward Rapaport’s history of Jerome AZ after 1953.  Illustration by Anne Bassett.

For thirty-two years, Diane Sward Rapaport was immersed in Jerome’s social and political life. “I became privy to the fortunes and misfortunes, dreams and ambitions of a quirky patchwork of rebels, heroes, scoundrels, and artists. I heard preposterous stories: the ten-dollar sale of Main Street in the 1950s; the ghost that lived in a gun; the theft of a large amount of money from the Catholic Church; and several 500-plant pot gardens growing in the mountains.” A drug bust in October of 1985 made The New York Times with the headline ‘Ghost Town That Was Restored to Life is Now in Uproar Over Raid for Drugs.’ Among those arrested were two members of Jerome’s Town Council and its Chief of Police.

The book was published in April 2014 by Johnson Books (Big Earth Publishing).

Jerome, Arizona is fertile ground and the story-telling on this blog will continue long after Home Sweet Jerome is published.  The new posts are different from stories in the books; some are about Jerome in 2014; some are stories that didn’t fit. Think of them as continuing annals.


To Order Personal Copies of Home Sweet Jerome If you would like a personally autographed copy, send $15 to Diane Sward Rapaport, PO Box 398, Hines OR 97738. The book will be mailed via media mail. Price includes book and shipping.  

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