Environmental Activist and Author Katie Lee and her Triple Tizzy

Katie Lee, now 94 years old, may be seeing the edges of her considerable legacy as one of the Southwest’s most outspoken environmental activists and authors. She just returned from Colorado from a screening of award-winning film “DamNation.” The Ghosts … Continue reading

ML Lincoln’s Film “Wrenched”—The Legacy of Edward Abbey

A hundred people came to Jerome AZ’s “Spook Hall” on Thursday, April 17 to view and celebrate director/producer ML Lincoln’s new film “Wrenched.” (www.Wrenched-themovie.com).  The film is about the community of activists that were inspired by the work of Edward … Continue reading

Honoring the Women in Jerome AZ: International Women’s Day

Anyone who has lived in Jerome for any period of time knows this to be true: the women are strong, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, accomplished at what they set out to do and passionately engaged. Many are artists that have served the town politically. And they’re smart. Very very smart. Here’s my contribution to International Women’s Day.

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Modern Anasazi Hand-stacked Walls—Paul Nonnast

Paul Nonnast is right at the top of my list of favorite artists, a visionary that is adept at sculpture, painting and architecture, as well as a master stonemason…Only a few people in Jerome know that Nonnast received one of four honorable mentions in the prestigious Vietnam War Memorial Design competition sponsored in Washington D.C. in l981.

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Modern Anasazi Hand-stacked Walls of Jerome AZ

Fifteen hundred retaining walls can be found from the historic Victorian-like homes at the top of Jerome, Arizona to the homes at the bottom of Deception Gulch—less than one aerial mile. Here are only a few of of my favorites.

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Mining in Jerome AZ after 1953

Mining never stopped in Jerome after the two great mines—United Verde Extension Gold, Silver and Copper Mining Company (UVX) and Phelps Dodge Corporation (successor to the United Verde Copper Company—shut their operations and the city emptied out.

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My Mother Meets Katie Lee in Jerome AZ

Nothing prepared mu mother for the party at Wylci and Jore’s art studio. I told my mom she would meet my close friend Katie, whom I described as a well-known published author and singer/songwriter who was about her age. My mother smiled with relief at the possibility of meeting a respectable friend of mine.

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Lament for Ghost Town Ruins in Jerome AZ

Jerome, Arizona’s ruins are slowly disappearing. . . Behind the shop called Skyfire, the remains of the brick ‘cribs’, home of Jerome’s ladies of the night, fell down during a winter storm, and the bricks were neatly stacked to make room for parking. Then the bricks slowly disappeared. …And when the ruins are gone, where will the ghosts hide? (Great photos with this post)

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The Big Spliff: Jerome AZ Kids That Dared D.A.R.E.

About a year after the pot bust of 1985, the Clarkdale Elementary School set up a precursor to the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program. Mr. Steele, the fifth-grade teacher, brought in a policeman, whom he introduced as Officer Friendly. . . . After every educational program, Officer Friendly invited the kids to rat out their families or friends. “It’ll be a secret between us,” Officer Friendly said. Max and Omar had heard the stories about the snitch and the big bust in Jerome, they knew that a snitch was the worst kind of person.

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Open Pit Gold Mine Protest Succeeds in Mexico.

Protesting a large mining operation can be done with smart organization, commitment, and a catchy rallying slogan. A large open pit gold operation proposed near Cabo san Lucas in Baja, California was stopped. This article is a summary of how that protest was mounted, helped, spearheaded with the help of John McNerney, a former resident of Jerome who founded Jerome Instrument Corporation in the 1980’s and helped in the protest that was galvanizing around a new gold mine that has been proposed for Jerome.

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