Ghosts of Jerome AZ

Sometimes you get to meet the ghosts of Jerome AZ—the ones that built the house you lived in; who whispered to you when you buried Whiskers the cat near the apricot tree, “Thanks for giving us a cat to be … Continue reading

Jerome, Arizona: Spook Hall and the Ghost City that Never Existed

On May 17 and 18, Jerome, Arizona hosts its 49th Annual Home Tour of historic homes and building. The event is sponsored by the Jerome Chamber of Commerce.  Because Spook Hall is a hub of this tour, I thought … Continue reading

Lament for Ghost Town Ruins in Jerome AZ

Jerome, Arizona’s ruins are slowly disappearing. . . Behind the shop called Skyfire, the remains of the brick ‘cribs’, home of Jerome’s ladies of the night, fell down during a winter storm, and the bricks were neatly stacked to make room for parking. Then the bricks slowly disappeared. …And when the ruins are gone, where will the ghosts hide? (Great photos with this post)

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The Big Spliff: Jerome AZ Kids That Dared D.A.R.E.

About a year after the pot bust of 1985, the Clarkdale Elementary School set up a precursor to the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program. Mr. Steele, the fifth-grade teacher, brought in a policeman, whom he introduced as Officer Friendly. . . . After every educational program, Officer Friendly invited the kids to rat out their families or friends. “It’ll be a secret between us,” Officer Friendly said. Max and Omar had heard the stories about the snitch and the big bust in Jerome, they knew that a snitch was the worst kind of person.

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New Gold Mine Threatens to Open in Jerome AZ: 1980’s

Outfitted with overlarge Wellington boots, a hard hat with a flashlight and a self-rescue device, which would give us breathable air in case of a fire, Walter and I are ready to descend 1100 feet down the hoist located at the Audrey Shaft in Jerome, adjacent to the Douglas State Park. In the 1980’s, a new gold mine was proposed in this location.

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Private Passions of William Andrews Clark and Family

During Jerome, Arizona’s mining heydays, people talked about the billions made in William Andrews Clark’s legendary mine, the United Verde Copper Mine, and the scandals caused when Clark bribed his way into the Senate. (He resigned rather than become impeached.)
Few talked about what Clark spent his money on.
Clark’s private passion was art.

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Headless Ghosts of ‘The Dry’: Jerome AZ Mining Heydays

Papa Lozano stood ankle deep in an oozy muck and shoveled newly blasted ore into carts. After his shift, Lozano would trudge with 400 other miners out of the belly of the mountain, blackened with muck and dust and climb the steps of the building known as “The “Dry.” He pissed shoulder-to-shoulder with his compadres in the long rows of urinals….

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Books and Pamphlets About Jerome AZ’s History and Lifestyle

Good reading about Jerome, Arizona’s mining and railroad history and its emergence from a village to a virtual ghost city into an art mecca and destination resort.

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Ghost of the Gun in Deception Gulch: Jerome, AZ 1970’s

At night, Scott sometimes hears a tap tap tapping from the vicinity of the outhouse. Tap. Tap. Tap. It is the sound of the old lady tapping the cardboard latch to shut herself in. No one every sees her.

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Kate Wolf Meets Katie Lee: Fires Burning Bright in Old Jerome.

In 1983, the late singer songwriter Kate Wolf visited Jerome, Arizona.Kate gave a concert in Jerome’s old Episcopal Church and met writer/singer/wilderness activist Katie Lee. The women became instant friends, a mutual spark between two very remarkable artists.

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