Art: The Soul of Jerome Arizona

Jerome Arizona is an unusual art mecca because its resident artists are deeply entwined in the collective identity of the town. Artists are the heart of the town’s quirky, and sometimes contentious, soulfulness. Since 1970, the ratio of artists to … Continue reading

The Recording Artist as an Indentured Servant

some brilliant, some incompetent, some stupid, many stuck in their own egos, some who considered themselves gifts to women and some corrupt’—sometimes in one package.The most heartbreaking combination was brilliance mixed with corruption. They controlled the money and the business attention that I and the artists that I managed received.

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Headless Ghosts of ‘The Dry’: Jerome AZ Mining Heydays

Papa Lozano stood ankle deep in an oozy muck and shoveled newly blasted ore into carts. After his shift, Lozano would trudge with 400 other miners out of the belly of the mountain, blackened with muck and dust and climb the steps of the building known as “The “Dry.” He pissed shoulder-to-shoulder with his compadres in the long rows of urinals….

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