Environmental Activist and Author Katie Lee and her Triple Tizzy

Katie Lee, now 94 years old, may be seeing the edges of her considerable legacy as one of the Southwest’s most outspoken environmental activists and authors. She just returned from Colorado from a screening of award-winning film “DamNation.” The Ghosts … Continue reading

Diane Sward (Rapaport) Meets Bill Graham at Fillmore West 1968

I traipsed up to the second floor of Fillmore West at 10 a.m. The ballroom was dark and cavernous with basketball hoops at each side, fronted by a large stage. An adjacent café was dimly lit and some guy sat at a table sobbing. He hardly looked up at me as I passed him and knocked on a door that had light leaking from under it. “Come in,” a gruff voice shouted.

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