Art: The Soul of Jerome Arizona

Jerome Arizona is an unusual art mecca because its resident artists are deeply entwined in the collective identity of the town. Artists are the heart of the town’s quirky, and sometimes contentious, soulfulness. Since 1970, the ratio of artists to … Continue reading

Ghosts of Jerome AZ

Sometimes you get to meet the ghosts of Jerome AZ—the ones that built the house you lived in; who whispered to you when you buried Whiskers the cat near the apricot tree, “Thanks for giving us a cat to be … Continue reading

Jerome, Arizona: Spook Hall and the Ghost City that Never Existed

On May 17 and 18, Jerome, Arizona hosts its 49th Annual Home Tour of historic homes and building. The event is sponsored by the Jerome Chamber of Commerce.  Because Spook Hall is a hub of this tour, I thought … Continue reading

Headless Ghosts of ‘The Dry’: Jerome AZ Mining Heydays

Papa Lozano stood ankle deep in an oozy muck and shoveled newly blasted ore into carts. After his shift, Lozano would trudge with 400 other miners out of the belly of the mountain, blackened with muck and dust and climb the steps of the building known as “The “Dry.” He pissed shoulder-to-shoulder with his compadres in the long rows of urinals….

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Whiskers—The Supernatural Manx of Jerome AZ

As Max started to climb out and over the canyon wall, he saw a baby rattler shaking his tail at him not five feet from his face. Whiskers, his Manx cat, saved him.

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Books and Pamphlets About Jerome AZ’s History and Lifestyle

Good reading about Jerome, Arizona’s mining and railroad history and its emergence from a village to a virtual ghost city into an art mecca and destination resort.

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How to Get Rid of Grasshoppers: Jerome AZ Citizens Give Advice

During a grasshopper infestation in Jerome, Arizona in the early 1980’s, I asked our local town gardeners what to do. Now I know why some people describe Jerome as a town of 400 people and1000 opinions.

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Definitions of Jerome AZ in the Seventies and Eighties

How the Jerome AZ community defined itself or envisioned itself was as quirky and fun as its residents. My favorite graphics were the imaginative ones on the front cover of a magazine called “The Jerome Times,” published in the eighties with fabulous covers of Jerome as a spaceship or ashram. Here are some of my favorites.definitions of Jerome.

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