Jerome AZ History: Riches to Rags to Riches

Marshall Terrill, an author and a reporter for the East Valley Tribune, emailed me and said he loved my book Home Sweet Jerome, a modern Jerome AZ history, and wanted to write something about it.  It’s every author’s dream. After I got his email, I … Continue reading

Lament for Ghost Town Ruins in Jerome AZ

Jerome, Arizona’s ruins are slowly disappearing. . . Behind the shop called Skyfire, the remains of the brick ‘cribs’, home of Jerome’s ladies of the night, fell down during a winter storm, and the bricks were neatly stacked to make room for parking. Then the bricks slowly disappeared. …And when the ruins are gone, where will the ghosts hide? (Great photos with this post)

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Headless Ghosts of ‘The Dry’: Jerome AZ Mining Heydays

Papa Lozano stood ankle deep in an oozy muck and shoveled newly blasted ore into carts. After his shift, Lozano would trudge with 400 other miners out of the belly of the mountain, blackened with muck and dust and climb the steps of the building known as “The “Dry.” He pissed shoulder-to-shoulder with his compadres in the long rows of urinals….

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Books and Pamphlets About Jerome AZ’s History and Lifestyle

Good reading about Jerome, Arizona’s mining and railroad history and its emergence from a village to a virtual ghost city into an art mecca and destination resort.

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