Gulch Radio Rocks the Verde Valley

Fans of rock, soul, reggae, blues and R& B can now turn their radio dial to 100.5 FM KZRJ-LP Gulch Radio, broadcasting from the mountain village of Jerome, AZ. The 100-watt stereo signal covers the Verde Valley, and listeners report getting … Continue reading

Modern Anasazi Hand-stacked Wall Builders of Jerome AZ —Jane Moore

Jane Moore is one of the few women who built hand-stacked rock walls in Jerome. I always looked at her driveway and corral walls when I drove up to Richard’s house and assumed Chuck Runyon, her partner, built them. I am so embarrassed. Jane wrote, “Not too many people have ever seen them. I’m sending you a few pictures. I don’t know of too many other women in Jerome who do dry stack walls!”

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The Big Spliff: Jerome AZ Kids That Dared D.A.R.E.

About a year after the pot bust of 1985, the Clarkdale Elementary School set up a precursor to the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program. Mr. Steele, the fifth-grade teacher, brought in a policeman, whom he introduced as Officer Friendly. . . . After every educational program, Officer Friendly invited the kids to rat out their families or friends. “It’ll be a secret between us,” Officer Friendly said. Max and Omar had heard the stories about the snitch and the big bust in Jerome, they knew that a snitch was the worst kind of person.

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Whiskers—The Supernatural Manx of Jerome AZ

As Max started to climb out and over the canyon wall, he saw a baby rattler shaking his tail at him not five feet from his face. Whiskers, his Manx cat, saved him.

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Definitions of Jerome AZ in the Seventies and Eighties

How the Jerome AZ community defined itself or envisioned itself was as quirky and fun as its residents. My favorite graphics were the imaginative ones on the front cover of a magazine called “The Jerome Times,” published in the eighties with fabulous covers of Jerome as a spaceship or ashram. Here are some of my favorites.definitions of Jerome.

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